The smart new way to maximise profit on your property

I’m sitting here in late October and I’m thinking why is my apartment empty? After all its in  prime location for student accommodation.

One of the most annoying things about being a landlord is losing money on a property, so I did a little research.

Landlords need rent and students need accommodation, it should be a great match right? Students can offer a better yield on your property with some students willing to pay all the rent upfront. It’s no wonder many investors have capitalized on this opportunity, the only major obstacle is that students only need a nine month contract.

So the question is what are the options in this new digital world? One of the most profitable options I found was Airbnb.

Why rent student accommodation

The reason why landlords market properties to students is because they can make more money. Particularly when you can see that the student market is consistent and where student demand is higher than the amount of available properties. This is simply because we only have a limited amount of properties within a short distance from the university. Landlords are now able to find student tenants from

Things to look out for

Students do come with a slightly messy reputation, especially if the accommodation is being used by groups. Let’s not forget for most of the students this maybe the first time they are living away and the then the fact it may sit empty for three months when the students return.

What is the Airbnb opportunity?

When your apartment is empty, you can have it listed on Airbnb whilst still being rented to maximise income. The summer period is the peak season for this market so it’s the travellers busy period when the students are away.

How much money can I make from Airbnb and what do I do?

Well, a two bedroom apartment can get you up to £90 to £100 per night.

Airbnb offers a reviews based system which gives you the peace of mind knowing that the travellers are reviewed and give reviews which encourages ethical behavior.
Management companies can be sourced to handle the communication and cleaning so you don’t even need to get your hands dirty.

In conclusion Airbnb is an amazing opportunity to maximise profit and it can be hassle free giving you the passive income you desire.

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