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This blog will explore the usual management process of a guest from sending an enquiry to checking out. You will get to hear about the behind the scene process of operating a successful Airbnb property management

Guest Enquiry – Guests usually send an enquiry message on Airbnb. However, it is unusual to receive pre-messages on Airbnb advise to make swift responses to form trust because Airbnb hosts are known to be predominantly individuals. This is your opportunity to be informative and professional.

Check-Once your guests are booked in, host should be available to provide pointers around the city. Check-in details should be provided a few days before guest arrival. Airhorse do not provide a meet and greet service because guests regularly arrive at various times and eventually becomes impossible to manage the diary. We therefore have two methods
1) Smart box – A lot of Airbnb’s use this method. Keys are at risk of being lost so an emergency replace needs to be on hand

2) Smart lock – This is a premium service with a code entry on the door. This is fantastic for safety as codes can be changed for guests.

Along with a check-in instruction message, we include a video to show visuals of any quirks to make the arrival smooth as possible.

Checkout –. Business guests usually leave before 9am however many travelling guests like to arrive early and have the option of checking out late. This is only possible if there is not a guest arriving after them. Clear communication needs to be in place with the guest and the cleaner to avoid embarrassing overlaps.

Cleaning –Cleaning standards is the foundation of a successful Airbnb because your listing position is dependant on reviews. Cleaners will need to have keys available and enough time to do a great job. We prefer to pay a premium when it comes to cleaners rather than paying peanuts and slicing profits for management. The cleaners will need to be motivated to be dynamic and deal with challenges quickly. Because cleaners are the eyes and ears of the business, it is important there is an open relation in place. Our cleaners produce a video at the end of every clean for our Airbnb owners.

Post check out – Encourage guests to leave a review and see if they will be back in the area to rebook.

We are currently managing properties in Birmingham, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Leamington Spa, Coventry, PeterboroughOxfordshire,

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