Growth Potential for
Progressive Cleaning Professionals

Traditionally, self employed cleaners have struggled to start a cleaning business while being cleaners themselves because of a time shortage.

Specifically, while you are working as a cleaner, you will struggle to build a cleaning business.

And, such conditions limit growth potential.

Loss of Potential

For consideration, office cleaning contracts are great because they bring in consistent monthly revenue. However, usually, offices prefer cleaning businesses with a team, rather than hiring individuals.

As a result, cleaners have to settle for smaller jobs.

Currently, the main jobs cleaners look for are end of year tenancy.

This is because such roles are a lot easier to get with a number of estate agents on the streets supplying these jobs.

However, there are two main problems here

1) Small margins and effectively undervalued

2) The effort here is not always worth it

But, you have an emerging solution here.

A Solution

Are you a cleaner looking for jobs that pay better?

If yes, there is an emerging hospitality industry that is financially rewarding and provides flexibility.

In all fairness, there are a couple adjustments required from traditional cleaning. But, keep reading for more information.

Airbnb and have regular guests, which means constant cleaning jobs.

Airbnb and

Airbnb and have regular guests, which means constant cleaning jobs.

Best of all guests don’t spend a huge amount of time at the accommodation because the are out travelling to places that brought them to the area.

Here, key jobs for hospitality cleaners are as follows:

1) Changing bed covers

2) Dusting

3) Refreshing the space

4) Cleanliness maintenance on white kitchen goods

5) Personalised touches

6) High standards for kitchen and bathrooms

7) Videoing and showcasing cleaning jobs for peace of mind

In short, hospitality cleaning jobs require attention to detail and supporting property management by efficiently reporting if items are out of place, damaged or house products require replenishment.

Remember, cleaners play a big part in the property success on Airbnb.

In fact, guest reviews and any comments on dirty Airbnb properties are alarm bells for further bookings of places. Cut short, cleaners are the key cogs in the success of serviced accommodation stays.


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