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How to take quality pictures.
There are a number of online platforms who provide serviced Accommodation. Some platforms are huge and others are unknown. Airbnb initially struggled to get guests using their platforms however they took a risk by hiring and funding professional photographers to set the bar on the standard of images advertising the Airbnb’s.

Below we have listed some advice and guidance for taking good pictures that will make your Airbnb’s pop. No1 likes a grim space that is dark and messy.

To give you the extra metres, we prefer taking most shots corner to corner.

Timing & lighting
A good time to take your photo’s are around 9am or 4pm. You will get a change of mood due to the intensity of lighting. At noon, although you have lots of light, when taking photo’s towards the window, everything around will come out dark.

Always have all the lights on including lamps, but if natural light is too bright, you will have to close the blinds

Camera’s with wide shot angles will make your space look larger and is fantastic to sell your Airbnb. Consider bending down, so you cover more floor space and will therefore appear more spacious. To give you the extra metres, we prefer taking most shots corner to corner.

If you can take out creases from the bedding and linen then that is ideal to save lots of editing time later. On occasions, unwanted items may appear that you simply can’t avoid. In this case you will need to use some sort of editing software or hire a professional. We use Pixlr and there are lots of online tutorials to guide you. Best of all, it is that will allow you to do most things.

Caption on images
Upon uploading your beautiful images to Airbnb or the platform, remember to caption the space so its clear. It is best practice to order the images in the layout of the house so it becomes easier to visualise.

What people want to see
– Bedrooms
– Kitchen (Although won’t regularly be used
– Bathroom / W.C

Spaces they can use
Don’t show spaces that guests will not have access to. Guests will want to get a good picture of the local area where they can eat, see and play. We regularly get asked about taxi’s buses and parking availability.


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