Property Management
For Multi Property Investors

Airhorse have been servicing clients for 2 years but our customer service foundation began over ten years. We believe the beginning of good customer service begins with a relation built on trust.

We regularly get phone calls regarding our services but we encourage meeting to provide full details and answering all questions. Although we use digital tools, our values and how we work are still traditional at heart.

Airbnb has supported hosts to provide guests with fantastic service with personalised touches. The platform has user friendly features to help guests find the perfect Airbnb.

We recommend who have similar features to Airbnb however match make available serviced offices with business tenants for short and long term. We thank our clients who have contributed to building our first Leicester office at the LCB depot where we are now in the process of developing our base in Birmingham. With the support of Marketing Voice has supported clients finding us through Google.

The environment style of meetings and travel experiences is really important to successful relationships. It is important to have choices available that are specific to needs and match the persona of your clients. We regularly meet new clients at coffee shops or ideally the Airbnb property however on rare occasions when the Airbnb is not local a private settings are necessary in which we case we recommend visiting the meeting rooms of

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