Property Management
For Multi Property Investors

Property management is our specialism. Sharing our ethos and personality is our passion because we love to partner with like-minded multi property landlords.

We believe a business Partnerships is like marriage because there is more fuel in the tank to go further.
In July 2019,  Harmeet went Geneva with his wife, (Flights found through Skyscanner and of course staying at an Airbnb).
A rental car was hired to visit a chocolate factory 70 miles across on the other side of Geneva Lake.  After 30 minutes of tensed driving with unfamiliar road signs and being horned at, Harmeet expressed to his wife that he had enough and was ready to return the car. Would you believe he still had 70 miles to go! They took a short break; shot pictures of the views and was encouraged by the wife to continue driving. If Harmeet had been travelling alone, he would have turned back. (If you’re travelling to Geneva, don’t forget CERN who explore the universe through scientific testing)

Airbnb properties can be managed alone because it’s not rocket science.

You can use a cheap management host but if you are looking for a long-term business partner to manage your portfolio of properties then we understand how to take relationships the extra mile. Transparency is the foundation.

We believe the key to a successful beginning are positive guest reviews. (So you’re property listing appears higher)
The following supports 5* reviews

1) High cleaning standards
2) Guest comfortability
3) Providing local knowledge

We currently manage Airbnb management in Birmingham, Coventry, OxfordshireLeamington Spa

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